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Sisters and Brothers,

I know you’ve heard this before, but the 2014 election could not be more important for working families like yours and mine. Voters will set the tone for our future when we elect a new governor on November 4th and we have the opportunity to bring real change to Florida.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve witnessed what can happen when a governor chooses to set aside the needs of working families. Rick Scott has pursued a reckless agenda that benefits the wealthy special interests while leaving working families and Florida’s overall economy behind.  At the height of the jobs crisis, Scott slashed lifeline unemployment insurance benefits for thousands of families, cut $1.3 billion in education funding (the biggest cut in state history) and jeopardized the retirement security of our public sector workers just to turn around and give big business and the wealthiest few $2.3 billion in tax breaks over 3 years.  Rick Scott remains entirely out of touch with every day citizens, while choosing to advocate for a wealthy few. We cannot afford another 4 years of misplaced priorities and harmful policies.

Charlie Crist has a record of fighting for the needs of working families. He has proven that he is willing to put the needs of Florida’s families ahead of partisanship and special interests.  He believes in a state government that invests in our communities, works to improve our schools, and fights to bring quality, stable and permanent jobs to our region. He knows that a vibrant and growing economy is only as strong as the middle class that supports it and will continue to stand up for growth and opportunity for all of us, not just an elite few.

Only one candidate will fight to bring Florida an economy that works for everyone. Election Day is November 4th and I hope that you will join me in voting Charlie Crist for governor.

Our success on November 4th is directly tied to our ability to GOTV (get-out-the-vote).

There is a location with easy accessibility for everyone. Also, a virtual phone bank is set up to allow you to participate without leaving your home or office!

The current volunteer schedule is here. Please volunteer and recruit , share with all union members in your local union, post on union bulletin boards, Facebook pages and websites, send to your email address books and announce at your monthly meeting.

As of October 7, 2014

All announced candidates at the time of the screenings were invited to participate in the COPE process for consideration of endorsement. Candidates were provided a questionnaire and, if completed and returned to signify their interest, invited to address the COPE Committees at scheduled interviews. At the interview meetings, held in April, May and June, union members representing different local unions questioned candidates on issues affecting workers and their families and voted on endorsement decisions. Click here for current list of endorsed candidates.

Union Busting.....
It's Become the American Way

According to Cornell University Professor Kate Bronfenbrenner, 75% of the private sector employers in America seek to deny workers their choice to form a Union.

You want to know how?? Look at this:

80% hire Union-busting consultants to fight union organizing efforts.
91% hold mandatory one-on-one meetings with workers to tell them how terrible union is.
80% train their supervisors on how to attack unions.
77% attack unions in literature distributed to the workers on the job and in their homes.
If America is to remain strong, the unfettered right of workers to join together in unions must be restored.
America Will Not Be America Without Unions!!!